What does a pomegranate mean to our health?

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Pomegranate is (from the Latin – Punica granatum) a fruit that is grown in South America, the Middle East and West Asia. It refers to the representatives of the genus garnets.

This miracle fruit is cultivated. On the territory of the former Soviet Union it can be found in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, and in the Crimea.

It is worth noting that the pomegranate tree lived an average of 100 years, and will not bloom if it fell a small amount of sunlight. Despite the fact that the Russian grenades known not so long ago, he managed to win a lot of popularity. Mainly thanks to a unique sweet-sour taste and a tremendous amount of useful properties. Benefits and harms of pomegranate has long studied – more on that below.

What is a pomegranate?

Pomegranate fruits have a deep red less yellow tinge in diameter from 9 to 18 cm.

Inside it contains many small seeds surrounded by a very juicy, sweet-fleshed SADC burgundy. The amount depends on the seeds and fruit diameter is generally from 400 to 900 units, which in turn are useful for many of the human body.

Benefits and useful components of pomegranate

As can be seen from the chemical composition – in pomegranate contains many vitamins, minerals and trace elements necessary for the normal functioning of the body. four main vitamin pomegranate You need to know. This C, P, B6 and B12. What are their key role? Vitamin C, which is the biggest in the garnet, has a strengthening effect on the immune system. Vitamin P – strengthen your blood vessels. B6 – strengthens the nervous system and B12 – improves blood formation. However, that is not all!

The regular addition to your diet this oriental fruit prevents the development of gastric cancer. Pomegranate is also useful for those who have asthma and anemia. The pulp and juice helps to remove radioactivity from the body.

Good quality pomegranate overemphasized. It is almost a positive effect for all diseases. In addition, when you consider that it is delicious! You can cook a lot of delicious, and most importantly healthy dishes. However, its wealth of vitamins (in such large numbers) are stored only in fresh form. Therefore, the cooking cost must be taken into account, also you can save money by ordering an essay at coursework writing.

About the Author: Maria Gomes is a student. She is from Spain. She is interested in theatre.