What Are the Good Online MBA Programs?

Nowadays, the popularity of online MBA programs is constantly increasing. This tendency can be explained by numerous factors. Some people want to receive an MBA degree to get a promotion. Other people have full-time jobs and families, that’s why they have no time for campus education. The others want to change the sector of employment and need an MBA diploma but have no opportunity to leave the job while studying. Moreover, lots of young people want to study and work simultaneously.

Online MBA programs provide students with some kind of freedom. You can arrange your time and affairs and make the most appropriate studying schedule. Moreover, if you have some work related to the sphere of your education, you will be able to implement the theoretical knowledge you obtained from lectures in practice.

The process of entering online MBA programs does not differ from the regular courses admittance. You will have to submit your resume and recommendations as well GRE, GMAT and TOEFL certificates. In addition, you will have to write two or three essays on business and management.

If you have already decided to take an online MBA program, be sure to choose one very thoroughly. The principal criteria of your choice should be accreditation of the program, reputation, student engagement, faculty credentials, and tuition fees.

The top five universities which offer online MBA programs according to Forbes are listed below.

Indiana University

Depending upon your opportunities and wishes, you can choose a two-year program if you want to complete education very quickly or a five-year program if you are a busy person and may need a break from studying for one or two terms. The curriculum consists of 51 credit hours. 38 of them are compulsory; the rest can be chosen according to your likings or needs to concentrate on some particular aspects.

Thunderbird School of Global Management

If you choose this online MBA program, you will become not only a diligent online student, but you will have to attend campus seminars. This program lasts for 19-28 months and is designated for working people.

Penn State University

If you enroll in this program, you will get access to the online classroom where you will be able to attend lectures, communicate with your teachers, fulfill the tasks and make the homework.

Temple University

At the beginning of this program, you will spend one week on campus getting acquainted with your teachers and colleagues. Your task will be to make friends with them, as according to the program’s plan you will have to spend much time in active communication with each other in order to learn new material. In the course of study, you will use modern technologies to make presentations and conduct web-conferences.

Drexel University LeBow College of Business

As a participant of the online MBA program, you will have to consult real companies and help them solve their problems. The tasks are compiled to teach managers to work in the team and develop their team spirit. The program lasts for 2 years.