Top IT Degree Programs and How Well They Are Accepted by Recruiters

We are living in the era when information technologies develop fast. Computers and other technical innovations have taken a solid place in every sphere of human activity. IT professionals usually earn good money. Moreover, finding a job without an elementary knowledge of computers is quite difficult. That’s why getting an IT degree is very advantageous nowadays.

There is no doubt one can enter a university, attend all seminars and lectures on the curriculum and enjoy advantages of college education. But if you cannot conform to the regular schedule because you are a sleepyhead, have a full-time job, or there is no accredited higher educational establishment in your neighborhood, then online IT degree is what you should be looking for.

When choosing the education program, make sure you pay attention to the following criteria: whether the higher educational establishment has AACSB accreditation, whether the university has a good online library, and how well the support service for online students works. Read the comments of the programs’ former students about the process of education and the professionalism of teachers and lecturers. Compare tuition fees of different universities as they may vary greatly.

Top 5 IT online programs are described below. The classification was made according to quality of the program, faculty staff, awards, and reputation.

  • University of Denver. The program of this university is adopted for busy and hard-working adults and provides the students with profound knowledge and skills in web design, programming, systems analysis and networking.
  • ASU online is the program of Arizona State University. You will have to choose one of the three majors for comprehensive and extended learning: construction and design of web applications, security administration of network systems or video games construction and design.
  • Umass Online is the program of the University of Massachusetts. You can choose one of the four different majors: information technology, computing, computer science, operation, and information technology.
  • Drexel University Online. This program is designed for those people who have work experience in IT area for five years or more. The main fields of study are server technology, networking technology, IT infrastructure and services, and system analysis.
  • Penn State World Campus. This is a unique program for freshmen and those who have some IT experience. It is designed to develop basic IT skills of students, so they could incorporate these skills into other spheres of human living.

If you are planning to start online education, you may be interested in whether online IT degrees are well accepted by the recruiters. In general, recruiters take IT degrees without a hint of suspicion, as IT professionals must constantly use online services to enrich their knowledge and skills. But the university’s program ranking plays a significant role. The more famous and popular the university is, the more chances you have to be hired.