6 Steps for Applying for an Online Master’s Degree Program in Art History

Step 1: Choose the type of a degree in Art History

When it comes to choosing the degree type, you should consider your future career plans and personal interests in Art History. There are three major types of online Master’s degree programs in Art History: Master of Science, Master of Fine Arts and Master of Arts. The first one is chosen by the students most rarely. Its main focus is on professional practice and research. Master of Fine Arts is preferred by those who are eager to have their own art practice. This degree requires critical and thorough studio work as well as comprehensive understanding of art theory. Master of Arts will be most appropriate for those students who would like to mix theory and practice. With this degree, you can work at an art gallery or museum.

Step 2: Choose the degree specialization

Every online Master’s degree program in Art History will offer you a list of available specializations. Try to choose one that will match your personal interests. The most popular specializations are: American Art, Classical Art, History of Photography, Modern and Contemporary Art, etc.

Step 3: Make a list of online Master’s degree programs in Art History

As soon as you have chosen the degree type and specialization, it is high time to compile a list of online programs. High-speed Internet connection and lots of patience and enthusiasm will be necessary.

Step 4: Check the accreditation status of the programs

Make sure every educational establishment on your list holds current accreditation for the programs they offer. If you choose an accredited school, you will be sure to get a high-quality degree recognized by the US Department of Education.

Step 5: Compare the programs and choose the best one

To choose the best online Master’s degree program in Art History, it is necessary to analyze each of them according to the definite criteria:

  • Tuition fee. Tuition fees of various programs may vary greatly, and as you are probably not a millionaire, this factor plays a major role.
  • Program ranking. The higher the ranking of your higher educational establishment is, the more valuable your degree certificate will be for your job hunt.
  • Faculty staff. Find out the names and degrees of the professors who will teach you. Read their biographies and other students’ comments about them. Find and familiarize yourself with their professional publications. Search for the program with the most proficient faculty staff.
  • Application. Every program has its own list of requirements to the applicants. In most cases, they are very much alike. Probably you will need GRE and TOEFL certificates, resume and recommendation letters.

Step 6: Apply for the online program you have chosen

As soon as the program is chosen, it is time to apply. The main thing here is to meet the deadlines as they differ for every program. It will be useful to get an organizer and mark what should be done and when. Try to apply in advance.

If you do everything right, you will definitely find the right online Master’s degree program in Art History.